Badgyal Ce’Cile releases new album

ce_cileRecording artist Ce’Cile hopes to give fans more than they’ve become accustomed to in her latest album entitled Still Running.

The 16-track set, the singer’s third studio effort, is slated to be released on October 14. Co-produced by Vinny Vindetto, John FX and Ce’Cile , the project will be distributed by Zojack Worldwide.

“It’s not a reinvention of me or anything, but Jamaica has never got a chance to hear a more rounded and acoustic side of me. I just want fans to hear a more correct version of who Ce’Cile really is… vocally and lyrically” .

The 40-year-old singer said she is not worried about her fans not embracing her new musical thrust.

“I don’t want every time I sing, it’s about partying or dancing. I am going much deeper. I don’t want to be repetitive … I have done enough of those songs,” she said.

Among the track listings are Do You Know, On the Run, One Love and Turn it Up. The latter was released on August 28.

“Do You Know is one of my favourite tracks, as the words are powerful. It’s basically encouraging persons to love themselves and that they are beautiful no matter the skin they are in, or if they are considered to be odd, or different to others,” she said.

Ce’Cile said although there has been a drastic decline in album sales over the years, recording the project was necessary for any artiste who is serious about touring.

“While clubs and some small venues may not consider it to be important, the organizers for some of the larger festivals across the world sometimes refuse to book an act unless he or she has an album to tour with,” .

Jamaican artist Ce’Cile, given name Cecile Charlton, emerged in the reggae/dancehall scene in the mid-1990s. Her first major success was with the single Can You Do the Work with Sean Paul in 2001. The track later appeared on Sean Paul‘s album Dutty Rock (Atlantic Records), which went on to sell over two million copies in the United States, also winning a Grammy.

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