Dexta Daps – Biography

Dexta Daps was born in Seaview Gardens, Jamaica, known for reggae legends such as Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and Garnett Silk.

Growing up in the poverty stricken streets he learnt to take out his frustration the best way he knew how, through music. “I would hear the melodic voices of the kids crying for help, and the sadness of the people. Their voices, and hunger for retribution was very inspiring for me, and made me want to sing songs of happiness and joy”, declared the 28 year-old artist.


In this day and age of music influences, Contemporary Reggae Music has become a commodity that has crossed over to Rhythm & Blues, Hip-Hop/Rap, all the way to the Pop world. With his versatile and unique voice, Dexta Daps has been compared to Sean Paul and Maxi Priest. His style is different and refreshing; he proved just that with his debut singles, Save Me Jah and May You Be.

Shaking the dancehall up from Rochester to New York all the way down to Florida and throughout the United States, Dexta Daps has reunited young and old, packing the party to hear his songs play. More recently, he has been working with artists such as I Octane, Mavado, Bugle and Razz’n Biggie. Dexta Daps is currently signed to Daseca Productions

*Check out Dexta Daps live in Montreal on Saturday August 15 for the 12th Edition of the Montreal International Reggae Festival.

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