Fay-Ann Lyons – Girls

Fay-Ann Lyons – Girls

There is nothing men like to see more than the sweetest women having the sweetest time, whining to a sweet chune from Fay-Ann Lyons called “Girls!” We know wherever the hot girls are, there the hot boys will be too!

The latest release from the Soca Queen compliments lets it be known that when beautiful women put themselves together to go out, everything is air tight. From the hair to the clothes to the perfume to the shoes; everything is in check and pleasing to the eyes. Fay-Ann sings: “when the girls look good yeah / the boys they come around / come around come around / Carnival is woman!”

Plenty bam-bam will be rolling to this groovy Soca track much to the delight of men and all in praise of “Girls!” Make sure you stream it on Spotify or YouTube:

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