Kabaka Pyramid Hits New York City & Begin Kontraband Album Promotion

New York, NY (April 3, 2018). International recording artist Kabaka Pyrmaid has kicked off his Kontradand album promotion. The album executive produced by Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley is currently one of the most highly anticipated albums for 2018 and based on his current interviews and the response of the recent releases, it is evident why.

Landing in New York City on Thursday March 26th Kabaka Pyramid and his team immediately hit the ground and made a stop to one of the Caribbean premiere stations in the tri-state area, Irie Jam Radio. While at Irie Jam radio Kabaka Pyramid interviewed with Dub Master Chris, an avid promoter of Kabaka’s music. During the interview Kabaka revealed that his album is slated for a release in May 2018.

Then it it was off to Sirius XM, the Joint with Pat McKay and DJ Gringo, while at Sirius XM the support for his single ‘Borders’ and ‘Cant Breathe’ was really strong as Pat McKay expressed these singles are currently receiving the support of the Joint. “We love ‘Borders’ and ‘Cant Breathe’ these are actually getting plays here on The Joint and people love these tracks” says Pat Mckay, director of programming for reggae at Sirius XM.

Immediately leaving Sirius XM, Kabaka Pyramid was off to Red Bull Radio, where he sat with Max Glazer of Federation sound, with a friendship outside of music and respect for each others craft, this interview touched on a wide variety of Kabaka’s music and concepts. Max expressed his level of respect for the music Kabaka puts out and recalled the first time he heard Kabaka and the lyrical content he was spitting. “Yo the first time I heard King Kabaka I just knew you was different” said Max Glazer.

Throughout his radio promo run, radio joc/hosts were fascinated with his diverse lyrical delivery. “You can spit fire as a rapper or a dancehall DJ, you can give us roots reggae or hip hop flavor. I tell people all the while, when it come to the artist Kabaka Pyramid, he has no genre” says Banky Hype of Road Block Radio. One of the singles off his debut album Kontraband, which resonated with the DJs was ‘Kaught Up’.  Kaught Up shows a different side of Kabaka than many were use to, as well as a hip hop side, which many of them love. “This song right here this is why I say you have no genre” says Banky Hype.

Being in New York Sunday nights there are quite a few stations that lock the airwaves and Kabaka was able to get in the door with two of those major stations. Hot 97 with Massive B Bobby Konders and Jabba, as well as WBLS with Dahved Levy ‘ Mr Rockin You Rockin You’. With millions of listeners tuned in Kabaka showcased his current releases from the upcoming album as well as free-style with Dahved Levy as they went back and forth with lyrics.
During the interview, Kabaka also touched on the topic of the important role artist and DJs play in music. “My music although, I sing on various rhythms and in different styles, my music is always positive or enlightening. I feel it is important to keep giving positive messages. Its sad to know say there is more killings in St. James, Jamaica than in New York City, where the population over 8 million compared to our St. James, we have to have a balance in the music”
Dahved Levy went on to express his level of respect for the music Kabaka puts out and his admiration for Kabaka’s focus and never straying in a business where positive and conscious music is not a part of the hype or mainstream. “We need a balancer in the music continue doing what you are doing and putting out positive music, we need you in the business and I am anticipating the release of your album” says Dahved Levy.
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