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mtlblogtvbanner_new Feature: PAPARAZZI 2018 The Icon Edition May 5, 2018 Feature: Mr. Vik Birthday Suit February 25, 2017


AURA 4.5 Featuring Black Chiney Live, October 15 2016

Paparazzi “Media Mayhem 2014” (Interview by Sheba) Feature: So Sophisticated DJ Million Birthday Bash (Interview by Sheba) Feature: 1 on 1 with Walshy Fire (Interview by Zeeta) Feature: Paparazzi “Haute Couture Edition 2013” (Interview by Sheba) Feature: Tony Rock Interview Part I (Interview by Zeeta)

Zeeta Maharaj gives an in depth interview with comedian Tony Rock for Montreal Dancehall when he came to Montreal to do a stand up comedy show. Feature: Tony Rock Interview Part 2 (Interview by Zeeta) Feature: Paparazzi “TMZ Edition 2012” (Interview by Sheba)

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