Beenie Man Tackles Climate Change On Eva Clean School Tour

Beenie Man has been championing the preservation of the Jamaican environment over the last few weeks as part of his Eva Clean School tour, which he is undertaking in association with the Recycling Partners of Jamaica and Brain Box Marketing.

e school tour by the veteran deejay aims to bring awareness to the issue of global warming by highlighting ways to combat climate change, and also focuses on recycling and promoting proper solid waste management and disposal within Jamaica.

So far, Beenie Man has visited several high schools in Kingston, St. Catherine, and St. Thomas and has engaged in tree-planting exercise at some of the institutions. Schools on his intervention list include Horizon Primary School, Paul Bogle High School, Yallahs High, Tarrant, Eltham, and Greater Portmore schools.

The aim of the tour is to bring awareness to the global conversation: #climatechange within the schools, while highlighting ways to combat climate change and to promote a cleaner Jamaica one school at a time,” Beenie Man noted recently on his Instagram page.

Beenie Man has had high commendations for the students at the schools which he has visited so far.

“I stopped by Ascot High school this morning to plant some flowers. Join in the movement people. One tree at a time will help to combat the changes in the climate. Special big up to Hope Gardens for their partnership,” he noted on one post Instagram, while in another he noted that “Horizon Primary Students were very cooperative and I have no doubt that the message will stick with them and they will actively participate in keeping their surroundings clean”.

Beenie Man has also been receiving praise from his fans for embarking on his environmental mission. Some fans have described his initiative as a ‘game-changer coming from the Dancehall fraternity’, while others have lauded him as a true leader.

“You’re on another good journey King. What you’re doing here is better than going around giving out gifts. This is quality teaching amongst our youth of today. We need more leaders like you; keep at it,” egboner told the artiste, while another fan noted: “I am liking this community conscious Beenie Man.”

Amidst the commendations, there was one follower who sought to ridicule the artiste and point out that his efforts to plant flowers and trees to combat climate change would have little or no impact.

“Jamaica need fi stop following what America doing! We cover with land, trees and water. We can’t change no damn climate…,” she said.