Busy Signal and Jugglerz Flames Fake Friends In “Dem Fake” Visual

Busy Signal burns out all fake friends in his new video “Dem Fake” featuring Jugglerz.

Busy Signal just released the music video for his and Jugglerz’s new song “Dem Fake.” The short film-themed music video was directed by Warrior Films JA. It features a story that reflects on people who make fake promises and then neglect their friends. In this song, Busy Signal shouts out his friends for being real ones.

“Certain people mi nuh wah dem hail or ratings dem fake / Watch how di haters a fight, dem nuh wah yuh rise cah dem fake / See dem a bend up roun di corner cah mi hear dem shake / Watch who yuh greet and watch who yuh hail, watch who fa hand yuh shake – Nuff a dem fake”

The track was produced by Jugglerz Records and is currently available for streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and Apple Music.

The reception to the new music video has been unanimous – everyone missed and loved the Hothead President. Check out the video below.