Busy Signal Reshares “Hot Spliff” for 420 Celebrations!

Dancehall super star Busy Signal reshares his 2017 hit record “Hot Spliff” for fans worldwide celebrating 420 today!

Demonstrating his lyrical prowess, Busy tells several tales within the song, and does so by bending words and phrases. The curves of his words combined with his intonation and delivery give fans a memorable sonic experience that keeps this record on repeat. In the first verse, Busy DJ’s the lyrics “memba one time gone / before yuh link wid Lang / yuh haffi link wid Nuffy fuss / nuh fih fuss / yuh nuh fih fight / yuh nuh fih fuss / before yuh tun ah big dawg / yuh was a puppy fuss / puppy fuss / stop fight dih yutes and say dem nah fih buss / nuh fih buss / mind dem send you to dih dust-to-dust….”

The music video to date has more than 845,000 views / streams on YouTube. It was produced and directed by Dameon Gayle for Warrior Films JA.

Produced by Turf Music Entertainment, the riddim was especially created for the artists flow. Interweaving some elements of Hip Hop, the production outfit used a fattened baseline that rides just below the dulled cowbell in unison with Busy as he delivers his lyrics. Reflecting upon the time the record was made, Busy said “This is one of my favorite ‘Spliff’ chunes because of the many references made in the song. People really have to pree this to appreciate all that is being said.”

March 2020, Busy Signal was named Dancehall artist of the Decade. The prestigious accolade came via the IRAWMA Awards and voted on my industry notables. The Awards body recognized the considerable contribution Busy has made to Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Reggaeton, Country and Hip Hop. “It is very difficult for an artist to contribute to so many genres, and have a name so recognized across all platforms, but Busy Signal did that, and continues to do that” says multi platinum selling and award winning Rellee Hayden from A-Team Music Group. “I’ve produced records for Spragga Benz, Gyptian, 50 Cent, Red Hot Chili Peppers and so many others, and I can tell you that Busy is really that talented, well known, and well respected in all genres.”

Spex Da Boss from G 98 FM agrees that Busy Signal’s song choice for the 420 celebration, “Hot Spliff,” is a good one. “Here in Canada, we take Cannabis seriously. This song is one of those songs that you cannot listen to ‘one time’ and move on. This is a song you have to have on repeat; his lyrical references are dope and deep.”

“Hot Spliff” as well as many songs from Busy Signal’s catalog are available for stream on the artists YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClNCIJZI3zfnuL7MD_q75Fg