Cardi B Will Win An Oscar For Slaying Her Role In ‘Hustler’ Says Offset

(Urbanislandz) Cardi B made her big-screen debut in the film Hustlers which premiered on Friday, and her husband Offset said he could see an Oscar in her future.

The film which features an all-female star-studded cast is reportedly already getting Oscar buzz. Offset spoke with Entertainment Tonight during Rihanna’s Diamond Ball where he was asked about it. The rapper said, “I haven’t heard that. That’s crazy.” He went on to say, “I can see it. It’s on the way,” speaking on his wife’s likelihood to pick up an Oscar for her first cinema performance.

The movie Hustlers raked in $13.1 million on its first night and is projected to gross around $32 million at the box office for its first weekend. The film is reportedly the best live-action opening of Jennifer Lopez’s career. The triple threat who recently wrapped up her own show on Broadway spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her new movie and Cardi B’s first acting experience. “She’s such a natural at what she does,” she told Fallon (via Hollywood Reporter). “This was so suited to her. She really knew this world and I told her, ‘You just have to be the person that you were when I first started looking at you on Instagram. That girl, that’s the girl that we need.’ And she was like, ‘OK.’ She knew exactly what to do.”

It comes as no surprise that this character was played well by Cardi not only because of her past but also her exuberant personality. In the film, Cardi plays ‘Diamond’ who is one of the more experienced employees at the club. She’s just as foul-mouthed and in control as the Cardi B that we actually know in real life. The film also stars Constance Wu from “Crazy Rich Asians,” Lili Reinhart from “Riverdale” and singer/actress Keke Palmer alongside Cardi B and JLo.

Can we imagine if Cardi B actually winning an Oscar though? I personally believe that would change the game. Many still have the perception that singers and rappers shouldn’t cross over into actor’s territory and vice versa or at least that they can never successfully do so. There are a few who have- namely, Jennifer Lopez, who happens to be a co-star in the “Money” rapper’s first acting gig. Cardi B has the perfect Hispanic sister to usher her into this new dimension.