Curvy Diva defends ‘act’ of removing underwear on stage

Dancehall entertainer Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett jumped to the defence of her daughter and her mothering skills after finding herself in the eye of a firestorm of criticism after removing her underwear in full view of the audience while performing at the Pride Jamaica Breakfast Party over the weekend.

She took on a social media user who had questioned her maternal skills in an Instagram post.

“Mek me tell yu dis, it’s clear that I had on stockings and underwear, underneath mi skirt. It’s all entertainment. Suh duh something for me message Halle Berry and all the other actresses that duh nude seen (sic) and tell them it’s not acting or entertainment and beg dem fi memba dem pickney #pointoutmifront #ifyuhseeit #okayyuhchattoomuch.”

In a video posted by the entertainer on her official Instagram page, the Curvy Diva is seen removing her underwear on stage during the performance. She was pumping up the audience in the middle of playing Dexta Dap’s hit single ‘No Underwear’ when she upped the ante, and provocatively removed what looked like a black thong, rolling it down her thighs while the audience cheered her on.

She believes that members of the public sometimes target artiste’s children in an effort to elicit guilt and to humiliate and mortify said celebrities. She made a comparison to the creative decisions made by US celebrities who also push the boundaries to pursue their craft.

“I had on a next pair of underwear and I had on stockings as well so me taking off underwear was all part of it,” she told the media.

Barrett is no stranger to controversy. In April last year, she provoked the ire of the public when she uploaded a video of herself apparently urinating in bushes during a jogging session.

The video shows the Curvy Diva going behind a wall, pulling down her tights and seemingly urinating in the bush, and then using a piece of tissue to clean up after. She later said that she was “fake peeing” in the video and that the footage was for a YouTube reality series.

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