D Major Promotes “My Money” Track

Singing sensation D Major is switching things up with a brand new track titled “My Money.” Produced by Troyton Music along with Yow Brixton, the Dancehall track was officially released on January 10.

“The song is really about claiming what’s yours. A lot of people feel devalued every day and it’s not about the love of money but if you work, you should be compensated. Overall it’s about ambition and purpose,” the singer explained.

Since its release, the single has been receiving exceptional feedback, especially from local radio stations, making it one of the highest played songs currently on the airwaves.

“I’ve never experienced Djs really gravitating to a song of mine this much. It’s a new experience to get this much support from the DJs so early in a release so I just want to big them up,” the singer expressed. If the feedback is anything to go by, this track could definitely be one that takes off to the next level.

Known for outputting songs such as “Girl Of My Dreams”, “Let Her Go”, “Woman” and “That’s What Love’s About”, the singer took a step in a different direction with this new track.

“D Major is known for love songs and I’m never going to stop doing that but I wanted to broaden my wings to show that I can explore different genres, topics, feelings and moves,” he explained. This is not the first collaboration between Troyton Music and D Major; they collaborated on the 2018 released “Red Alert” featured on the Dual Citizen Riddim. With the process starting in late 2019, the Dancehall track took about two days to be completed and from there, a hit was born. Now, going forward in 2020, plans are in place for additional projects throughout the year, including a forthcoming EP.

Distributed by Zojak Worldwide, “My Money” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.