Demarco “Corner Dem” In This Hot New Dancehall Banger

Demarco seems set on securing a corner of dancehall for himself. He has been dropping songs and videos in quick succession, with his latest being “Corner Dem.”

The official audio was released only a few hours ago via the artiste’s Youtube account. The view counter is steadily increasing with the views almost reaching the 9000 marks. It seems Demarco has a new sound, which is very evident in his latest releases, including “Corner Dem.” Some fans are pleased with the new leaf that Demarco has turned while others would love to see him going back to his former self and content.

One fan commented, “Demarco, I would like to hear you do a song like “Fallen Soldier” “again, which was one of your biggest it maybe the biggest. Thats really how I learned of Demarco. That was hard, still is. I also enjoyed “Love My Life.”

Another boasted about his lyric mastery, “Demarco have some nice flows n melodies n he’s lyrical as well.”

Though cliche’, you never see smoke without a fire. Demarco’s “Corner Dem” comes hot off Atto Wallace’s Attomatic Records press. The production house has been enjoying major success over the past couple of years with artistes such as Deep Jahi, Squash, Shane E, Daddy 1, Vybz Kartel, and many more.

“Corner Dem” is packed with lyrics as Demarco spits with great melody and style. He sings, “Den a say me blood cold, me say reptile / Me no secretary fi go check file / Dawg all me know the gyal dem just a get wild / Inna Ardenne me do clothing and textile but from me likkle and a grow me no tek style / Step inna the road me no get soil / gyal wa gi me stepchild.”

We can’t wait to see how this song that is dedicated to the real Casanova fears in the streets and clubs.