Foota Hype for Passa Passa 2020

In Jamaica where selectors spend several years trying to make their nameknown to the dancehall audiences, Foota Hype’s exploits have earned hima renowned name plus a tight following in relatively record time. His face pops up on the posters for major stage shows and concerts all over the world. Known for bravado and comical expressions on the microphone, Foota is a crowd favourite in the expansive music loving communities across the country.

He unofficially started his career as Oneil Thomas while a student at Calabar High. Though he was not active in the business at that time, his father was a selector on the Singer Tone sound system. He therefore had no choice but to see the turntables at work, and to experience the joy that playing tunes for the masses brings. His father’s skills were apparently passed on to him, but on theverbal side at first.

Foota Hype will be live in Montreal for PASSA PASSA Rebirth on Saturday January 25. Stay tuned for more information.