For Chi Ching Ching, ‘Callaloo’ the perfect complement to ‘Breadfruit’

Chi Ching Ching’s ‘Callaloo’ on Dutty Rock Productions’ ‘Callaloo Riddim’ has been steaming up the airwaves since the release earlier in June and perfectly complements one of his previous hit songs, ‘Breadfruit’.

“For the love of the money, is the root of all evil” – a statement expressed by Chi Ching Ching in the introduction of the ‘Callaloo’ video followed up with the song’s catchy pre-chorus “Yuh nuh see say dem a Money Idiot, a Money Fool, Money Idiot, a Money Fool’. In the song, he talks about his experience and transition with a line that states ‘Stony Hill Road mi use to walk so til, now mi mek di Callaloo and buy half a hill’.

Chi Ching Ching‘s discography isn’t limited to only ‘Callaloo’ and ‘Breadfruit’, but comprises of various songs and other titles that also include food, such as ‘Rice and Peas’.

The popular dancehall entertainer however shares that he did not plan his food-based discography.

“There is no reason behind it, just the vibes… when we say callaloo, we a talk about money,” Chi Ching Ching said.

The artiste also has other singles in rotation including ‘Savin Pan’ and ‘Top Boss’. The ‘Top Boss’ video was directed by Kieran Khan Productions.

The deejay who is known for his catchy tunes and dance trends is the sole artiste signed to the Dutty Rock Productions label. He has been travelling the globe with label boss and dancehall superstar Sean Paul for the past few years and both have also teamed up on hit collaborations including ‘Weed Problems’ and ‘Crick Neck’.

Chi Ching Ching believes signing to Dutty Rock Productions Label is one of his best decisions, and heaps praises on Sean Paul.

“I have no complaints, it has been an amazing journey so far; I am forever grateful and will always big up Sean Paul,” The ‘Callaloo’ deejay shared.

Dutty Rock Productions latest rhythm, ‘Callaloo’, which has been added to the summer playlists of disc Jockeys and selectors, boasts a diverse selection of artistes and catchy songs and hooks including Sean Paul’s ‘Genna Level’, Charly Black’s ‘Ganja’, Delly Ranx’s ‘Money Rock’, Spragga Benz’s ‘Count Tree’, Sotto Bless’ ‘Trendin’ and new artiste Ras Ajai with ‘Di Ras Hot’.

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