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Intence – Biography

Born October 3rd, 1995, Intence was inspired to be in the music business by his Father Stephen “Axe” Gabbidon who also was an artist known as “Daddy Axe.”   He owned a sound system called “Solo Passion” and changed it to “Category 5.”

Intence’s forte becomes known at the intersection where ferocious drive meets the desire to entertain – Intence takes performance to the highest degree.  Tashawn Gabbidon, more popularly known as Intence first came to the media’s attention with his single “Jett Life.”  Originally from the Tavern community in Kingston, Jamaica, the young star attended Mona High School.  Today, Intence enjoys his status in mainstream Dancehall as a high-volume performing artist.  Releasing multiple singles, often on a weekly basis has helped to maintain his tenure in the spotlight and the genre’s landscape.

The grit and grime of his lyrics ushered his breakout single “Seh Dem Real” on the Sed Way Riddim followed by “Go Hard” in the summer of 2019.  From the concrete toughness of Kingston, Jamaica, the lyrical entertainer’s recipe for right lyrics, right riddim, sheer skill and creativity has awarded him success amongst his fans.  His very distinct imagery – both in dress and on screen distinguishes him from others in the genre.

While signed to his first label, Boysie Records, Intence released hit singles “One Pants,” “Live Yuh Life,” and “Bag Gyal.”  The young artist capitalized on the attention received by releasing a suite of bangers including “Dolla Bill,” “Dream Life,” and “Weh Dem Know” following his initial success.  As the artists fanbase grew, so too did demand for his music.  Follow-up singles “Leave If Yuh Want Leave” and “Critics” coincided with the artists shift to a vigilant and mysterious public presentation.

Currently, Intence works closely with Zimi Ent who acts as the artists producer.  Not one to rest on his success, nor the praises of his fans, Intence creates music based on his youthful reality.  His honesty and vision help to narrate each story he tells.

Homelife is enjoyed in the presence of his family.  With success some aspects of his life have become more comfortable, and he maintains some of the simple joys he enjoyed prior to success.  A large part of the artists life philosophy is loyalty.  This is evident with his choice to collaborate with blood relatives and friends who have become like family.  His younger brother Wahs, and close friend Iwaata are prime examples of this. 

In 2019 Intence performed at esteemed Reggae Sumfest.  His performance earned critical acclaim because of his electrifying stage performance.  Many believe that a concert without Intence is a concert lacking ‘icing on the cake.’  Intence has come to represent the Dancehall side of Jamaican culture.

Intence’s debut EP Wounded is a critical collection of 5 singles that explore themes of inner conflict, love and loyalty.  It is safe to say this young star’s music continues to evolve and push boundaries as he progresses. Released on the VP Records label, the 5-track EP continues the momentum created through previously released singles.  Contributing producers to the project include Okino ‘Wav’ Thomas, and Stephen Gabbidon.

Wounded will be released May, 2021 and available on all platforms.

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April 16th is the commercial release date for “Intence vs Tashawn”

May 14th is the commercial release date for “Watchya Watchya”

May 28th is the release date for the Wounded (EP)