Masicka and Dexta Daps Celebrates Success In “Leader” Video

Masicka and Dexta Daps celebrates their blessings in the new video “Leader.”

Now here is a collaboration that the public didn’t expect. The lyrically insane Masicka is teaming up with the Velvety voice of Dexta Daps on their song “Leader.” In this collaboration, they stamp their status as breadwinners, and high achievers, and that point isn’t up for debate. After all, these are two of the brightest stars in the dancehall constellation.

Dexta Daps bellows in the intro, “spread your wings / nothing is impossible believe / if I can do it/ you can spread your wings.”

Inspirational to say the least, this is one for all the people with dreams and aspirations, it’s like the dancehall version of Mariah Carey’s Hero. That melody filled piece only set the stage for Masicka who attacked the riddim like a man on a mission.

“Man a fire like a rocket tell mi how dem aguh stop it/ gyal a gimmie pu**y supm fat inna di traffic/ turning up di prophet dat a cash inna mi pocket/ food inna di fridge wul heap a shot inna mi Matic,” Masicka deejay.

Since 2018, Masicka has been releasing numerous inspirational songs. Songs like Stay Strong, Top Form, Gifted and They Don’t Know. Therefore this particular song fits right into his recent catalog of positivity.

Masicka deejays, “Blessings Haffi Flow like a river/ Blessing haffi flow like a river/ Blessing haffi flow like a river.”

Dexta Daps sings, “Masicka dem know seh we a leader / shotta dem ready fi press di trigger/ Blessings a flow like river/Tun dem back an wi tun dem inna believer.”

Both artistes have had a good year so far, and this one is bound to carry on their momentum. Dexta Daps has been the ladies first choice for some time, while Masicka is the man for the streets, who knew their collaboration would be so smooth and seamless?

The second verse is a testament to the lyrical ability of both artistes as they exchanged bars in a line for line set up. Who outdid who? Seriously I cant choose as they both charge out the blocks with powerful lines.

With both being leaders in dancehall, this is a fitting track for them. Go ahead and check it out, I’m sure you will agree this song is magic!