Miss Diva is number one

As a prelude to her forthcoming EP, Canada-based reggae singer Miss Diva released her latest single Number One Girl today.

Produced by Verne Maytone, the song is about Miss Diva’s own personal experience.

“I wrote this song about a personal experience. I believe women today should be respected and that we should be priority in a man’s life. Women need to realise that we are worth a million dollars and we need respect, especially if we are giving a man all our attention,” Miss Diva told the Jamaica Observer.

The official video for Number One Girl, directed by Director Jay, is also being released today.

Number One Girl is from the 10-track EP of the same name and features production work by Maytone and Carleonie Entertainment.

“I believe that my music can be enjoyed by everyone. I bring to the table a lot of songs talking about relationships and what we have going on in our everyday life. I have a big voice and I use it to sing and to get my stories across,” said Miss Diva.

She continued, “I was born in Montreal, Canada. My mother was born here and her mother is from St Mary. As a little girl I used to take trips to Jamaica. My father is from Mandeville. I grew up listening to reggae music, which I was inspired by from an early age.”

Miss Diva has collaborated with producer Bobby Pottinger from Indie Roots Records, as well as dancehall artiste Macka Diamond. On her forthcoming EP, she has an Afrobeat collaboration with Zantelly, a Canadian artiste.

According to Miss Diva, making music to inspire and encourage people is among her main objectives. She also hopes to tour Europe and Africa.

Miss Diva, whose real name is Alicia Anderson, released the EP Seven Shades of Love in 2019.