Sizzla cancelled over low ticket sales

Sizzla live in concert, a one-night show that was supposed to take place at the L’Olympia in Montreal, was cancelled on Monday September 2 due to low ticket sales.

On the evening of the scheduled show, the following message was released: “In the light of the day we had, we are in the obligation to cancel the Sizzla show tonight. Sizzla don’t want to perform due to the absence of ONE LOVE Festival Toronto’s payment. All the tickets will be properly refunded,” reads the statement on the concert venue website.

But this past Saturday, the CKUT 90.3FM West Indian Rhythms team with host Howard ‘Stretch’ Carr and co-host Faithlyn Sankhar sat down with Rickey D, organizer of the Sizzla concert, to discuss the reason for the event being officially cancelled.

It really just came down to the numbers of tickets sold. We made the impossible; possible by bringing him into Canada. People don’t realize its show business; without the show; there is no business and without the business there is no show,” stated Rickey D, promoter of the event.

Listen to the full interview below:

About Rickey D

Rickey D – Montreal’s elite promoter since 1985

It always has been and it always will be. Ricardo Daley’s (Rickey D’s) first official event was Run DMC way back in 1985. Since then Montreal has witnessed one man’s undeniable love of music and the musical talent that delivers it. Rickey’s, equally important, contribution to music has been through marketing and promoting. His gift is the ability to take an idea or concept and nurture it to it’s ripe fruition. The metaphorical ‘fruits’ that Rickey has harvested are hundreds of events – many of them blockbusters.

Rickey has compiled a professional portfolio that includes such mammoth shows as the Fugees, LL Cool J, Wutang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and the Roots is already ‘epic’. However a few paragraphs of text cannot adequately describe a career of such pedigree as this. It was Rickey who exposed the Montreal to Eminem and D12, it was him that took a chance on booking a little known English funk band named Jamiroquai!

If you catch him on the right day, Rickey will recount one of his musical lows as being the time that he went to Plattsburgh to bring the late, great Christopher Wallace across the border for what would have been his only visit to ‘la belle province’. “screw the Canadian border” were biggies words that night, but thankfully Rickey’s career would not end here. In fact it was just beginning.

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