Teejay Drops “Brand New” Video Watch It

Teejay released the official viral video for his new song “Brand New,” and he introduced a completely new sound.

Perhaps the changes we hear from Teejay in his new gun track is a result of the production house. The song that was produced by Boogie Down Records features multiple voices from the Uptop Boss, including one that sounds eerily like the incarcerated Dancehall legend, Vybz Kartel.

Right off the bat, it’s easy to wonder if this is a collaboration wid ‘Di Teacha,’ one user even commented, “Kartel sound inna this in the start and other parts.” It appears to be just a similar studio engineering effect, but it is definitely Kartel’s signature sound. The track is already being labeled as another banger from Teejay, and the Montego Bay artiste has been delivering a lot of those recently.

“A some brand new rifle we buy / And we buss it ina face nuh buss it ina sky / ‘Cause yu wi die die die / ‘Cause yu wi die die die / Mi fren dem mek marrow fly up a sky / We nuh Brutus a coulda wah do Popeye / Unu wi die die die / ‘Cause yu wi die die die,” Teejay sings.

The deejay also delivers some interesting rap flows in this new track that is currently trending on Youtube. “Here we go with another banger from #TJ,” one fan said about the new song. “Mi like how teejay a gwaan from year start,” another fan said of his progress in 2019. “Brand New” certainly sounds like another hit for Teejay, and Boogie Down Records is definitely on to something here.