Newby for Money Pull Up!

Jamaican born, Toronto based, World Clash Champion Newby also known as Newbalanz, has proven himself to be one to watch out for. Newby is the epitome of music. He has made some considerable waves for Canada, and continues to lead. Born in St. Mary, Jamaica. Newby left his roots on Monday March 16th 1987. As the year of 1993 rolls in, out of the Jane and Finch community is where Newby alongside Davey Boy and Rev started Rebel Tone Sound. With the dedication and determination Newby was eager to go to the top and beyond with his sound, and being the unique breed he is. Newby went into the world clash 2002 and took on the worlds best sounds such as, Tony Matterhorn, Bass Odyssey with Squingy, Ricky Trooper, and Mighty Crown. Not only did Newby win and receive the title of 2002 World Clash Champion, he also received the title as “The first CD sound” to ever enter and win a clash, which of course changed the whole generation of selecting and organizing music.

Turning heads throughout the industry, Newby is sought-after all around the world being places such as Japan, Bermuda, Trinidad, America, Barbados , and Jamaica just to name a few, and not to mention plenty of places within Canada. With his unpredictable selection, he always captivates a crowd leaving them satisfied and demanding for more. Having so much love for music, Newbalanz begins to take the artist roll more seriously.

Building his own studio he creates “Rebel Productions”. Recording, and producing various of artist. Newby is an example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. Newby’s passion and admiration for his craft continues today, pushing his own creativity.“Just put your heart into it, maybe it’s not today, maybe its not tomorrow, nor even the next ten years. But if you really love it and you put your heart towards it, it will come true. No one knows the minute, no one knows the hours. Its just what you put in, is what you get out.”

Check out Newby live in Montreal on Labour Day Long Weekend Saturday August 31 for MONEY PULL UP  inside the Jamaica Association of Montreal, alongside Little Thunder, Energy Squad, Platinum Movements, King Bligazz with special guest from Ottawa: DJ Duppy. Hosted by Lola, Queen Blingazz, Pavie and Queen Loc Ent. Get your advance tickets today at Frontline Restaurant and the Jamaica Association of Montreal.