We Muzik Vol 10 – The Remixes

Vision. The one ingredient our music and culture needs to push past stifling seasonal energy into a stratosphere of everyday, all-year-round music. Many think it is impossible, but that as you should know by now is not a word Precision Productions, or the young agile minds we work with, ever acknowledge.

There is more to the music we have created than the albeit glorious two days of celebrations and the many body bending fetes we revel in, during the magnificent season of Carnival.

But, talking about it is not enough. That we know.

This is why the EP, We Muzik, Vol. 10 – The Remixes had to be jointly created by the future visionaries from across the Caribbean Diaspora. The first of its kind for the Soca music genre, these remixed hits are taken beyond their expected expiration date with an extraordinary stylistic twist.

In this new realm, our best creative minds are carrying our culture forward to a treasured place where limits and seasonality no longer exist.

Now take a moment and treat yourself to an early release of two remixes of the same song off of this upcoming album; Patrice Roberts’ Into You.

The first remix features Popeye Caution, giving us a definitive Jamaican swing, while the second remix flows with Trinbagonian flavour and features Lawless and Jahllano.

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