Buju Banton Spits Fire In New Song “Trust”

Buju Banton is here with a “New Style” and a “New Flow” in his most recent release, “Trust.”

Before playing this in your house, you may need to call the fire brigade as you are sure to burn the place down. Your neighbors may also be calling the police, as you will be playing this multiple times at the highest possible volume. Buju Banton addresses various scenarios in which you should not “trust your phone.” A lot of Vybz Kartel fans have concluded that Di Teacha (Vybz Kartel) would have significantly benefitted from the advice given out by Buju if the track was released before his incarceration. The reason got drawing this conclusion is that Buju addresses two main topics in “Trust.” In the opening line of the song, Buju addresses a dating rumor that had started to make the rounds shortly after his release.

“Me nuh trust phone, me nuh own me nuh like it / Picture a go roun say Simone a me wifey / Pure fuzzy picture wa suggest me a knife it / All who dem pon Instagram a f**k with me psyche,” Buju deejays.

The deejay also addressed fake people, which people thought would have been great advice for Kartel, “Me no trust man wa switch don fi a Nike / Six was him general, now him a say a Mikey / Can’t trust no man wa claim dem a strikey.”

“Trust” has that infectious 90s dancehall feeling that the world just cannot get enough of and who better to bring across this vibe than the legendary 90s producer, Dave Kelly. Dave and Buju have been longtime friends and boast a working relationship spanning over three decades. Their chemistry has brought us multiple hits such as, “Bogle,” “Big it up,” “How It Ago Go,” and now, with the release of this new, we could even expect more releases from the two.

Fans and entertainers alike are raving about the new track, with many commenting under the Instagram video posted on the Gargamel’s profile. Persons sho have given it their stamp of approval include, friend DJ Khaled, Agent Sasco, Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna, I-Octane, former TOK member Craigy T, Tony Matteron, Daddy1, and producer Seanizzle.

“Trust” was initially premiered on morning radio by Zickjock Bambino and since then fans have been trying to get the official audio. The official audio was released for streaming on Youtube, November 14, 2019.

Stream the Buju’s new track below and let us know what you think.