Jamaica’s leading female voices unite on Rock & Groove Riddim

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2019, a landmark year that will be remembered as a groundbreaking time for women in Jamaican music, comes to an epic climax today with the release of the Rock & Groove Riddim compilation. Sevana, Naomi Cowan, Jaz Elise, and Lila Iké, four of the island’s most in-demand artists, have joined forces over a bouncy new rhythm, accompanied by dub versions, produced by GRAMMY-nominated Protoje and J Vibe. Rock & Groove Riddim is rooted in a half-century tradition of Jamaican riddim compilations that feature a variety of voices bringing their own flavor to the same beat.

The seminal project is available now via In.Digg.Nation Collective, the record label and management company founded by Protoje and home to artists like Lila Iké and Sevana.

The all-female lineup on Rock & Groove Riddim is a refreshing sight and sound for modern day reggae. With 2020 on the horizon, the gathering of these dominant women solidifies their impact as stars to watch. Each track stands out and explores diverse, universal themes: communication in relationships by Sevana; self-love and confidence by Jaz Elise; unconditional love by Naomi Cowan; and finding motivation in one’s muse by Lila Iké.

“Haul & Pull” – “This song is about self-examination, we can’t just go along with the flow, we have to think about why we do what we do and if what influences us to do it is good.” – Sevana

“Rock & Groove” – “This riddim caught me in a state of mind where I was all about quieting down the unnecessary noise around me and just deciding to be happy and do me. ‘Cause sometimes if you let in a litte negativity, it can mash up your meditation and I was not having that in 2019. I’m the newest artist in the bunch and experiencing this just motivated me. The energy of us women coming together on this juggling was also pretty dope. When you believe in music and you want music to thrive- unity come in like inhale and exhale. This one is Rock and Groove!” – Jaz Elise

“Peace Of Mind” – “Aligned is how I feel being on this all-woman juggling project…simple. We’re shifting the paradigm and re-writing the story of women in music…just ridiculously grateful to be part of this time in our culture. The song describes what happens when you get involved with someone that nobody would expect you to. The outside world will never understand how or why, but for you and that person…in that moment, they’re your peace of mind.” – Naomi Cowan

“Sweet Inspiration” – “I wrote this song after going through a period where I was uninspired. I took a drive to Portland (Jamaica) one day and on the way there I was playing the instrumental in my car. The first few words that came to me were “When you speak to me I hear a song“ and I followed through with the song, deciding that I’m going to sing to “Inspiration” as if it were a living being, which I actually think it is. I hope this song will inspire everyone who is going through something similar or has gone through low periods in life. Being hopeful is believing that inspiration will find its way back and sometimes you just have to sing to it :)” – Lila Iké

Rock & Groove Riddim Tracklist
1. Haul & Pull – Sevana
2. Rock & Groove – Jaz Elise
3. Peace Of Mind – Naomi Cowan
4. Sweet Inspiration – Lila Iké
5. Haul & Pull (DUB) – Sevana
6. Rock & Groove (DUB) – Jaz Elise
7. Peace Of Mind (DUB) – Naomi Cowan
8. Sweet Inspiration (DUB) – Lila Iké