KashieF Lindo Tackles Global Systematic Racism In New Reggae Single “I Can’t See Your Face”

Quiet as it’s kept, KashieF Lindo is arguably one of the most relevant reggae artist of our generation. He has earned that title because of his wisdom and ability to only share time sensitive songs that accurately addresses the issues of the day.

“I Can’t See Your Face,” his latest single, speaks to the blatant manner in which some public figures in positions of authority are overtly supporting systematic racism in their respective territories. Additionally, the record also highlights the ongoing killing of Black people at the hands of the police – something that has recently gotten worldwide attention.

Though the tune was written by Willie Lindo – veteran reggae producer and KashieF‘s father – it does not in anyway diminish the aforementioned label given to the younger Lindo. Both father and son made significant contributions to this project. The song credits are as follows: KashieF is credited for drum programming, piano, keyboards and backing vocals; while Willie is credited for the guitars, writing and producing. The bass was played by Val Douglas, and it was recorded at HeavyBeat Recording Studio and mixed and mastered by their in-house crew.