Squash Return Fire To Alkaline, Vendetta Fans Demands Response ASAP

The Squash vs. Alkaline beef continues in a new direction.

The lyrical war between Alkaline and Squash now seems to be taking an unexpected twist, degenerating into childish taunting and gimmicks, and dancehall fans who have been tuning in to the drama from the outset, are not very happy. With Sting no longer a staple clash show on the Jamaican entertainment calendar, social media has now become the place where clashes are aired, and fans hungry for the excitement were waiting with bated breath to see what’s the two are up to this week.

Instead, fans have been treated to over the last 24 hours are the two artistes posting videos of shirt-burning by fans, and other clips of fans hurling insults at each of the artistes. Yesterday Squash posted a video of fans burning a Vendetta-brand shirt while using profanities, while Alkaline, in turn, posted one of a group of men setting a 6IX shirt on fire. Neither of the artistes have referenced each other by name.

Alkaline’s fans seem to have been running out of patience with what they deem to be a protracted wait in him counteracting Squash’s diss song “Pinocchio,” which leveled some below-the-belt lyrical punches at the Manhimself.

Yesterday Alkaline came in for some heat from his fans on Instagram, after he posted two photos of himself during and after his in performance in New York on the weekend. But many of his followers made it clear that pictures of him posing, were not what they expected to see at such a critical point in time and demanded that he find a song to lyrically destroy the 6IX Boss and stop embarrassing them.

“Drop song and stop boring out the war youth not even rappers tek this long to reply r*ss… Instagram war u deh pon,” siisco_triumph stated.

“Drop the song bredda and don’t boring up di war!” jamarkellyman ordered, while lawdvader1 said “I’m not picking sides bc I rate the both of them and I don’t really know who’s gon win this but detta need fi ansa like now now.”

Others rose to protect Alkaline’s reputation, claiming the artiste was doing a slew of shows and had to honor his obligations first and then find the time to properly construct his lyrics, which, they predicted, would decimate Squash and his entourage.

“The war nah lame out. He’s smarter than the hype, let the man sit down and write his lyrics nothing nuh wrong with that. Just wait neck ago dead,” chevon_dejourny said.

“Nas took 6 whole months to respond to Jay Z… Man kno wah him a do…. Mi well want him drop it, but Cyaa drop f*ckry. Affi formulate a massacre, right off. Get mi? Mek them think them win then boom Hiroshima… Wipe out,” justraey stated.